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Los Angeles, CA

Special Event Genie is a boutique full-service event planning firm based in Los Angeles.

We service the entire Southern California area, including Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County and Santa Barbara County… and beyond.

We plan your dream wedding, imaginative Bar/Bat Mitzvah, custom bridal or baby shower, creative party and powerful corporate event, non-profit and fundraiser.  And, we help you celebrate all the events of your life in between.  Our passion for planning events has taken us all around the United States for destination events as well.

    Ricki is so nice and fun to work with. My fiancé and I are currently living in Arizona but decided to have the wedding in California. Ricki has been a blessing in helping us set everything up. Best wedding decision I’ve made yet! She truly has relieved all the stress that comes along with planning a wedding. She helps set everything up and I give her the final “OK” on all decisions. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to help with our special day!
    Megan L. (5-Stars on Wedding Wire & The Knot)


    All your life, you’ve dreamed of how special your wedding day will be… now it’s time to make it a reality! And, the very best way for that is to let a professional wedding planner handle all the details. Special Event Genie, will embrace your vision and guide you through the mountain of preparations while keeping her eye on YOUR budget. It’s a fact… weddings are stressful. Why not have Special Event Genie take care of everything for you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your own wedding!  And, if you only need help on your actual Wedding Day, we’re also here to help.



    Planning your special event?  Why not let Special Event Genie, handle all the details for you. We’ve the professional training, experience and a knowledge of diverse cultural etiquette. Maybe it’s a Bar Mitzvah or Quinceañera… Special party or Corporate Event… OR anything in between. You’ll feel pampered and well cared for as you’re offered a range of choices. You’ll save time and money from our special relationships with event vendors. And, most importantly, you’ll receive the best value for your budget and unique requirements.

    Why Special Event Genie

    Simply put, Special Event Genie cares about you and your wedding or event as if it’s our own. With over 20 years of experience, we’re experts in perfecting the details and creating the extraordinary… all so your big day will be uniquely special..

    Ricki Lewis, AKA Special Event Genie, has been planning Weddings and Events for over 20 years.  Her flair for detail and special skills offer a unique package of style, creativity, organizational planning and sensitivity perfect to help with the orchestration of your own memorable event.

    As an intensely busy professional, you can depend on Special Event Genie to make your planning process as stress-free and simple as possible.  Simple isn’t easy, but you’ll find it a breeze working with our imaginative team.

    ``See the event of your dreams BEFORE it happens - no last minute surprises!`` What Makes Special Event Genie So Unique?

    Simple! It’s our custom app that produces floor plans showing every detail of your event before it happens. And, it’s only available for our clients.

    Here are just two examples prepared for social distanced events.

    Special Event Genie, where your dreams become reality… right before your eyes!

    “Ricki is amazing! She went above and beyond for my wedding. Her app of the layout is incredible. We have a tricky location and having her app made it all make sense! We unfortunately had to postpone and even during that process she was so helpful. We can’t wait to have our wedding and see how special Ricki will make it!”
    Ashley Chaco. 5 stars on the Knot & Wedding Wire


    Helping us get the Wedding we Wanted!!!

    When we began planning our wedding we knew it was going to be a big job; we knew we would need a wedding planner to advise us and keep us on track. A friend used Special Events Genie for her wedding, and we were impressed by the work they did and how smoothly everything went. When we contacted them, the proprietor, Ricki Lewis, was very pleasant on the phone; she was prompt for our initial meeting and proved to be very knowledgeable. She gave us wonderful and helpful information and we hired her soon after that.

    She has been an absolute treasure in helping us craft the wedding we want. This year has presented many challenges that nobody could have foreseen, with many businesses and vendors having to suspend operations because of a world wide pandemic. Ricki helped us navigate these obstacles, and has come up with extraordinary solutions to problems that don’t usually occur in planning a wedding. Thank you Ricki!

    Glen O. (5-Stars on Wedding Wire & The Knot)

    We were down to the wire for an event in L.A. and had several things fall through. We were very stressed and anxious and weren’t sure how we were going to make sure things went off well. I looked around and found Ricki online. She had a lot of positive reviews and was one of the most reasonably-priced event planners. She was able to take us on as clients with very short notice and helped pull off a miracle. She’s very detail-oriented, responsible, and organized. I felt like I was in good hands with her because of how competent, experienced, and on-top-of-things she was. She also had a good network of vendors who came through to help us pull off a great event. Also, loved her company’s event planning app! So helpful. It was a night to remember — in a good way! And, I’m so thankful that Ricki was available and willing to work with us on such a short-notice, higher-stress project. Thanks, Ricki!

    Moving The Needle LLC (5-Stars on Yelp)
    Our Beautiful Wedding

    My wife and I would like to thank Ricki for all of her incredible work coordinating our wedding. We hired her quite late in our planning process and she still completely orchestrated everything we desired. There were a lot of last-minute changes, especially with our guest list and she fluidly rolled with it and had everything done on time for us! Every step of the way, she was there offering ideas, suggestions and advice to help make our wedding an exceptional and unique event. Ricki truly went the extra mile seeing so that all the arrangements were completed in a timely fashion—even thinking ahead to the unexpected with a Plan B and C! Rain was predicted and yet, we were still able to have an outdoor ceremony! Well, we didn’t worry knowing that Ricki was on board, planning for every contingency. When I called her in a panic the afternoon before, she had already arranged for the canopy to cover the grounds, for our ceremony and guest seating areas. Ricki was a gem to work with, generous with her time, and had a keen understanding of our religious customs. Our beautiful wedding went off without a hitch thanks to the creativity and organizational skills of our fully prepared “Special Event Genie®,” Ricki Lewis. We couldn’t have done it without her. We would love to work with her again in the future (anniversary, baby shower and birthday parties, God willing!). – Thank you, Brian F.

    Brian F. (5-Stars on Wedding Wire & The Knot)

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