You’ve dreamed of how special your wedding day will be… now it’s time to make it a reality! And, the best way for that is to let a professional wedding planner handle all the details. Ricki Lewis, Special Event Genie®, will embrace your vision and guide you through the mountain of preparations while keeping her eye on YOUR budget. This is too important. It’s a fact… weddings are stressful. Why not have Special Event Genie take care of everything for you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your own wedding!

Our Event Services

Let Special Event Genie®, handle all the details for you. We have the professional training, experience and a knowledge of diverse cultural etiquette. Maybe it’s a Jewish or Pakistani wedding… Quinceañera or Bar Mitzvah… Special party or Corporate Event… OR anything in between. You’ll feel pampered and well cared for as you’re offered a range of choices. You’ll save time and money from our special relationships with the event vendors. And, most importantly, you’ll receive the best value for your budget and unique requirements.

Your Special Day

Special Event Genie® helps you enjoy your special day, doing it all so you don’t have to. Small or large. Doesn’t matter! We will plan and coordinate your entire event, brainstorm a theme to your specification and print out an entire floor plan diagram to avoid confusion with our trademarked Planning Genie® App. Or, maybe you just need help with the “Day Of.” Which do you prefer… working your wedding or event, stressed to the max… or letting Special Event Genie® be in charge, making sure you have the best event possible!

The Day of Your Event

Your special day has arrived.  Be it… Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Shower, Quinceañera, Sweet 16, 25th Anniversary, Graduation, Halloween Party, Board of Directors meeting, or even an Office Holiday Party.  Whatever it is, you need backup… you need professional planning and organization… you need creativity and finesse… you need Special Event Genie® by your side!

With Special Event Genie®, you have two options.  You can hire her for planning all the many details of an event, working closely for months or weeks beforehand… or maybe you just need her to help out on the actual event day.  Ricki excels at both options and is always there making sure you have the very best event possible!

For weddings, read more about all the “Day Of” Wedding tasks that Ricki could do for you!


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Special Event Genie’s® Story

Passionate is a great word to describe Special Event Genie®, Ricki Lewis.  She is passionate about helping people enjoy and celebrate their lives in every way possible.  With over 20 years experience in Wedding and Event Planning, Ricki is well versed in planning weddings and events for most religions and a variety of cultures.  And, no matter if the event is local or “destination,” she’s got it covered!  Ricki brings a myriad of experience to the table including training from the prestigious “Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants,” graphic and fashion design, top-notch organizational planning skills, extensive world traveling AND development of the one-of-a-kind Planning Genie® App – available only for her clients.  Ricki is highly creative in her planning and on-the-spot problem solving… and brings all these skills together to create a unique, wonderful event just for you, your family and friends.

“If anyone is getting married, you need to have Ricky plan everything, cause she is the best in the business. She handles everything from the cake, flowers, and is with you every step of the way. She is graceful and really listens to what you want. I would recommend her to everyone I know who is getting married. She is AMAZING!” — (5-Stars on Yelp!)

Testimonial Michelle

“If you’re looking for a wedding planner, search no further. I feel that the wedding planner you hire is a personal decision. When I met Ricki, I felt an instant connection with her knowing that she was to be my right hand women especially for the day of my wedding. I heard about Special Event Genie and Ricki, and I could not believe that she could provide such detailed and committed service with a never ending no problem attitude! I was overwhelmed, especially since we moved up our wedding date giving Ricki three months less to change and make new plans! She handled everything with ease including ideas to orchestrate our ceremony to include our children. To my surprise, she responded right away and assured me by writing suggestions for vows that would make us a united, happy family. Ricki designed a plan to meet our needs at a reasonable cost…which she did by suggesting creative ways to make things less expensive and by procuring discounts with our vendors because of her established professional relationships! Ricki is a pro in so many ways and she was so delightful to work with! She is beyond creative and goes out of her way to make it a magical experience, tailor made. We were all blown away by the extra touches and the attention to detail. This was way beyond my expectations and I highly recommend her as she is outstanding! Thank you Ricki!“ — (5-Stars on Yelp!)

Testimonial Jenifer

“Ricki throws the greatest parties! Her events leave no detail untouched. Everything is perfect. And the best part is how much money she saves. Ricki and Special Event Genie have been doing events for my business group Wildfire Networking for several years now. We have annual holiday parties with sit down dinners and dancing to a dj. Always gorgeous decorations, great food, good drinks, and at least 75 people. Ricki also arranges quarterly cocktail parties we call “mixers” and scores some great locations around West Los Angeles for us. I am looking forward to having her help with my next big birthday party! Call Special Event Genie if you want your wishes granted perfectly!“

Testimonial Cathe

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