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“Small team. Big moments. A lifetime of memories.”

Special Event Genie® was founded by Ricki Lewis in Los Angeles, California. An expert in perfecting the details and creating the extraordinary, Ricki is well versed in planning weddings and events for most religions and a variety of cultures. With over 20 years experience in Wedding and Event Planning, “passionate” is a great word to describe her.  Ricki is passionate about helping people enjoy and celebrate their lives in every way possible.  And, no matter if the event is local or “destination,” she’s got it covered!  Ricki brings a myriad of experience to the table including training from the prestigious “Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants,” graphic and fashion design, top-notch organizational planning skills, extensive world traveling AND development of the one-of-a-kind Planning Genie® App – available only for Special Event Genie® clients.

Our clients are intensely busy professionals who depend on us to make their planning process stress-free and to discover what will make their day uniquely special. Ricki is highly creative in her planning and on-the-spot problem solving… and brings all these skills together to create a unique, wonderful event just for you, your family and friends.

``Your Wish Is Our Command!``




Special Event Genie® creates one-of-a kind weddings inspired by your love story.

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Special Event Genie® creates custom events for your important life celebrations.

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Let Special Event Genie® create the Wedding or Event of YOUR dreams.
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Ricki and her team are there from start to finish, quietly working in the background, taking care of all details to make your Event a success... allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself and your guests!

More About ``Why Choose Us!``
  • Dear Sweet Ricki, Where can I start . . .First and foremost thank you for all your organized help with our wedding. You have been a role model I can look up to because of how strong and talented you are. From day one in planning our wedding, it has been a joy working with you and all your advice was beyond helpful! You were sweet and generous & we can’t thank you enough for everything! Love
  • Ricki: There are not enough words to describe how thankful we are for everything you did for us. You are truly amazing. We were able to have an amazing wedding thanks to your help. Also, your “something old” was the perfect present for the most important day in our lives.
  • Dear Ricki, We would like to thank you for all that you did to help with our wedding. You came into our wedding plans very late in the game, and yet you still found things to help us with. We appreciate all of the time that you invested in contacting our vendors, and setting up accurate times for deliveries. You helped make our rehearsal and wedding day successful. The Planning Genie® software that you designed is absolutely magnificent and we would suggest it to be used for every wedding for organization and accuracy. You and your Planning Genie® App were very informative about procedure of the processional and recessional. We believe that things would not have run as smoothly without your help. Again, we appreciate all of your help and time in helping make our wedding perfect.
  • If anyone is getting married, you need to have Ricki plan everything, cause she is the best in the business. She handles everything from the cake, flowers, and is with you every step of the way. She is graceful and really listens to what you want. I would recommend her to everyone I know who is getting married. She is AMAZING!
  • Ricki, Thanks so much for all your help to make our wedding day truly memorable. Your insights from your other weddings were undoubtedly useful in making our day go smoothly and for that we are thankful. Love & Thanks
  • All the scenes of our wedding including: the processional, at the altar, the recessional and reception seating diagrams that Ricki produces with her Planning Genie® App is extraordinary. Now we have them as a keepsake of our wedding party.
  • Ricki works so hard and really cares about her clients. She goes above and beyond the basics and thinks of everything. It was reassuring to have her at our wedding making sure everyone was happy.
  • I recommended Ricki to work on a relative’s wedding. She did a great job and worked with the bride throughout the entire process. She was able to gauge the bride’s needs and accommodate her. Ricki was able to provide discounts through her many contacts. Ricki knows all the pitfalls and possible problems that can occur throughout the wedding planning process. She works hard to prevent any mishaps from occurring. She was on call and present whenever the bride needed her and worked hard at the wedding to make sure everything went smoothly. It was a beautiful wedding and everything went seamlessly. Bravo, Ricki!!!!

  • You made our community veterans’ event successful. The app that you created is absolutely magnificent and we would suggest it to be used for any event, party or wedding. Thanks for giving back to the men and women who fought for our country. (This event was for 4000 vets at the VA hospital in Brentwood, CA.)
  • I can not say enough good things about Ricki! I had the pleasure of working with her on a wedding a few weeks ago and she is the most organized and easy to work with event planner I have come across in my six years in the business. As the business owner of the venue she had a wedding at, I had the chance to work with her very closely. I can confidently say she really will make your life easier. She has created a program that she creates custom floor plans for your event! This made the event very easy to run and creates very impressive floor plans. She communicates very thoroughly and is very efficient with her planing but more importantly she is genuinely a kind and person to be around!! I highly recommend Ricki and Special Event Genie for any event. I am sure that we will be working together again in the near future. Thanks Ricki!
  • Dear Ricki – The Celebration of Life for Jan was, as so many people said, beautiful . . . You and your very capable co-workers along with your choice of caterer and florist made it all the more so. Many people raved about the food in particular. Your video expert also did a great job creating a very wonderful slide show. So thank you once again for a very fine job well done.
  • Thanks for a wonderful party.
  • Ricki throws the greatest parties! Her events leave no detail untouched. Everything is perfect. And the best part is how much money she saves. Ricki and Special Event Genie have been doing events for my business group Wildfire Networking for several years now. We have annual holiday parties with sit down dinners and dancing to a dj. Always gorgeous decorations, great food, good drinks, and at least 75 people. Ricki also arranges quarterly cocktail parties we call “mixers” and scores some great locations around West Los Angeles for us. I am looking forward to having her help with my next big birthday party! Call Special Event Genie if you want your wishes granted perfectly!
  • I have planned birthdays for many years, and this time, I needed someone to take over so I can finally enjoy my daughter’s 7th birthday. For someone as meticulous as me, It’s hard to find someone who I can fully trust. When I met Ricki, I knew she was the one. The love and passion she has catering service for Client is beyond. Ricki loves to ensure that clients are well taken care of as soon as she steps in. She is well organized, on track, and knows what follow through means. We are grateful for having you in our event, I was able to enjoy my time and savor every detail of the party because someone like you were there to take care of things. I am happy to gain a friend in you and much more, thank you for taking care of my daughter’s party. There is a saying that “the only way to do great work is to love what you do” – You are an epitome of that quote in all aspect. You are highly recommended and I will definitely use your service again and again and again. More blessings to come to you and your business.
  • Ricki organized a weekend of parties for my husband’s 90th birthday–an informal house party of 40, and then a formal dinner party for 100 people. She handled both extremely well and without a hitch. We were impressed with her enthusiasm and her ability to suppress her own ideas in order to allow ours, though often her ideas were the better, and we gladly used them. Many people have told us that ours was the best party they had ever attended and we thank Ricki for helping to make it so. We recommend her happily to future clients and wish her well in her career.

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