About Us

Wedding planner and Special Event Genie® Ricki Lewis, has an extensive history of design experience. And, what is a wedding or special event but a memorable celebration created from a vision of good planning and design? Her skills offers a unique package of fashion sense, design, creativity, and organizational planning. (Yes, she designs wedding gowns too!)

As a designer, Ricki’s talents encompass fashion, textiles, appliqué and embellishments, graphics, invitations, advertisements, logos, and embroidery. As a teen, she helped her mother, an interior designer, decorate model homes by choosing fabrics and colors. She also visited the trade showrooms in New York City and traveled to Europe, Asia, and Mexico.

Ricki’s talents were not lost on Southern California friends and family as they asked her to plan weddings or events. With her hands-on craft, she started to create themes, design invitations, and devise color schemes — and — soon made this her full time passion.

Ricki Lewis is a member in good standing of the following wedding and event industry associations and organizations which continue to grow her business and polish her professional skills:

  • American Bridal Association
  • Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants
  • Fashion Group International of Los Angeles
  • West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
  • Family of Women Southwest Region Leadership
  • Better Business Bureau of the Southland, Inc.

Our philosophy is that this is not just a business –

it’s a fun, creative outlet where you can shine while receiving an organized memorable event and/or beautifully orchestrated wedding. Our work comes from the heart.

“Special Event Genie’s® special skills and talent make for your extra special day!

Put her to work for you!

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