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This Package is for those who want Supreme Full-Service Wedding Planning.


Starting at $7000

  • Selection/Negotiation with all vendors and venue site tours.
  • Complete analysis of all your vendor contracts.
  • Unlimited Communications. In person or Zoom meetings once a month.
  • Assist with gown purchases, bridesmaids, fittings, and bustling.
  • Custom decor and theme design creation, to your specific taste.
  • Attend/make suggestions for all menu and cake tastings.
  • Personalized invitation and graphic art design including signage.
  • Hotel Booking Assistance for you and your out-of-town guests.
  • Plan rehearsal dinner and next day brunch for your special guests.
  • Complete timeline and orchestration of your wedding so all runs smoothly.
  • Create exact scale, full color site plans with our own app so no surprises.
  • Create all planning document lists: photos, decor, guests and countdown.
  • Direct all vendors and personnel on your big day!
  • Direct and coordinate the rehearsal.
  • Set up all decor and clean up.
  • We are on hand the entire day to set up way ahead of time..
  • Two of the consultant’s day-of assistants are included.
  • Lend detailed decor items free of charge that are part of our inventory.
  • Destination weddings upon special request.
  • and so much more!
* Special Savings for Essential Workers
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