EVENTS ``Day Of`` Coordination Services

All those nagging little details before your special event… no sweat for Special Event Genie®.  We’re always there making sure you have the best event possible.

Our “Day Of” Event Coordination Services actually begin several weeks prior to your special event.  This service lets you relax and enjoy the days leading up to your event as we handle all the last minute details and then some.  And, at the rehearsal, and on the day of your event, our experienced team will be there helping run the show… ensuring that everything runs smoothly, allowing you and your family and friends to kick back and celebrate.

Here’s a “Day Of” Event Day Coordination Sample:
  1. Create detailed budget.
  2. Complete orchestration of your event & reception, as applicable.
  3. Contact all vendors 1 month before your event to confirm their arrival.
  4. Design layouts/floor plans for your event using planning genie® software.
  5. Create an easy-to-follow time line.
  6. Direct catering staff and instruct them on how to set the tables.
  7. Set up all place cards, gift and guest book tables as applicable.
  8. Show planning genie® layouts to clients and vendors.
  9. Usher in guests by guiding them to their tables as applicable.
  10. Make sure all vendors are paid.
  11. Be on hand to answer any questions (from staff & guests).
  12. Work with other vendors on site.
  13. Be on hand the entire day as applicable.
  14. Take care of every last detail on your day.
  15. Generally make sure things run smoothly!
  16. Unlimited email, phone and text discussions.
  17. Advise on etiquette and gratuities.
  18. Provide to-the-minute timeline.
  19. Set up all décor.

The “Day-Of” Coordination Services are also knows as the Ruby Package.

A flat-fee retainer is required for the “Day Of” event coordination.

SPECIAL EVENT GENIE® ALSO OFFERS Four Other Special Event Packages

Event Packages
Event Packages

We also offer you four special event packages for those people needing a more complete planning solution.

Check out our event packages

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