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Your Hi-tech planning solution

INTRODUCING PLANNING GENIE®  our fool-proof App developed by Ricki Lewis, AKA Special Event Genie®, and available exclusively to our clients!

Planning Genie® allows you to visualize the event of your dreams BEFORE it happens so there are no last minute mistakes or surprises!

From the time you were a little girl, you probably dreamed of your magical wedding day… your Bat Mitzvah… or your Quinceañera.  Well, it’s time and you want it perfect-–just like you envisioned it.

Planning Genie®, was developed just for that purpose… as a planning tool to make your special day flow seamlessly.  All details are planned in advance.  Confusion is eliminated!

Everyone is provided with customized blueprints, AKA Personal Maps®, that show exactly “Who’s Who” in the bridal party, their positions and the layout for the processional, at the altar, the recessional, and the cocktail hour… even the reception seating chart. Everything is organized so wedding party members feel comfortable in knowing where they belong… awkwardness is eliminated… especially for those unfamiliar with each other.

And, Planning Genie® prints out every last detail in full color, even  matching your colors and flowers with the theme of your event.  They’re beautiful and often becoming cherished keepsakes!  (You’ll receive printouts and/or smart device stills.)

As well, these Personal Maps® are given to all your vendors so everyone is on the same page.

Planning Genie® – Where dreams come true!  And only Special Event Genie® has it!

This video is for demonstration purposes only. As part of ALL our planning and coordinating services, you will receive printouts and/or smart device stills for each scene of your wedding or special event.


All coordination is taken care of:

  • Complete orchestration of your ceremony
  • Placement of all tables within the reception room space
  • Diagramming correct number of people per table, showing table numbers or names
  • Includes your color scheme and flower type.

Everything is done to exact scale!

Planning Genie® even creates a database for each event that’s personalized for your budget, guest list, gift list and vendor list.

Please enjoy our animated video as it demonstrates how YOUR event could look and feel.

“Let Planning Genie’s® technology do it ALL for you! Mystery gone–watch your event unfold before your eyes. Book your FREE one-hour consultation TODAY!”

We were down to the wire for an event in L.A. and had several things fall through. We were very stressed and anxious and weren’t sure how we were going to make sure things went off well. I looked around and found Ricki online. She had a lot of positive reviews and was one of the most reasonably-priced event planners. She was able to take us on as clients with very short notice and helped pull off a miracle. She’s very detail-oriented, responsible, and organized. I felt like I was in good hands with her because of how competent, experienced, and on-top-of-things she was. She also had a good network of vendors who came through to help us pull off a great event. Also, loved her company’s event planning app! So helpful. It was a night to remember — in a good way! And, I’m so thankful that Ricki was available and willing to work with us on such a short-notice, higher-stress project. Thanks, Ricki!

Moving The Needle LLC (5-Stars on Yelp!)

Dear Ricki, We would like to thank you for all that you did to help with our wedding. You came into our wedding plans very late in the game, and yet you still found things to help us with. We appreciate all of the time that you invested in contacting our vendors, and setting up accurate times for deliveries. You helped make our rehearsal and wedding day successful. The Planning Genie® software that you designed is absolutely magnificent and we would suggest it to be used for every wedding for organization and accuracy. You and your Planning Genie® App were very informative about procedure of the processional and recessional. We believe that things would not have run as smoothly without your help. Again, we appreciate all of your help and time in helping make our wedding perfect.

Scott & Sandra R.
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