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Special Event Genie® is a full-service event planning company located in Los Angeles, CA.  We create one-of-a kind weddings inspired by your love story.  We treat your wedding as our own.  As such, we only take on a limited number of weddings per year to ensure that your wedding gets the attention to detail that it deserves.  From our first encounter to the last goodbye, we’re focused on making your wedding experience every bit as magical as you’re dreaming it will be.

Do you need assistance from the very beginning of the planning process?  Maybe you’re halfway there, realizing you need help to pull the remainder of the logistics together.  Or, perhaps you just need help on the “Day Of.”  Whichever situation fits your circumstances, we are here to help!  Special Event Genie® offers customized full-service planning and partial planning services… handling everything from finding your venue, negotiating and contracting with vendors, creating a theme and decorations, making detailed timelines and floor plans—all the while keeping a keen eye on your budget.  And, that’s just the beginning!  Everything is meticulously coordinated and our team is on-site on your wedding day to execute all as you’ve envisioned it to be.


Planning is just the beginning.  The “other half” to wedding planning is design and styling. We’re here to make your wedding beautiful. Special Event Genie® will start the process with color palettes by creating a “look and feel” for your wedding day that will weave throughout your planning process.  All your vendors… from your photographer to your calligrapher… will be hand-picked to match the aesthetic we create for you. We then bring on creative vendors to execute your wedding vision, from a talented florist to an expert lighting designer and beyond. Then, we dig into the details. We find the perfect linens and rentals to tie everything together and curate various elements to make the perfect tablescape. We specialize in personalized touches that make your wedding day feel just that – yours. We use our proprietary App, “Planning Genue®” to create customized floor plans, mapping out the entire event via our computerized App.  This will be your event bible, assuring no surprises or mix-ups with the people involved in planning and participating in your special day.


We've something for every lifestyle and budget! We'll embrace your vision and guide you through vendor contracts, location selection, theme and color decisions, budget, and the mountains of details that can easily detract from your special day. Stress is taken off your shoulders by methodically following through on all the details with our special wedding packages.

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Have you already done the bulk of the planning, but need someone to pull everything together on the day of your wedding to make sure nothing is missed? Well, we can help you with that too!

Our Very Own App Hi-Tech Wedding & Event Solution

Planning Genie®

As your wedding consultant, Ricki Lewis, developed Planning Genie®, a foolproof app that makes your wedding day flow smoothly. She provides everyone with a hard copy and/or screenshots for your smart device of who’s who in the bridal party (especially helpful for people who don’t know each other), their positions and layout for the processional, at the alter or bimah, the recessional, cocktail hour, and the seating chart for the reception. Everything is color-coded and organized so wedding party members feel a sense of confidence rather than awkwardness. Thinking of every last detail, we match your color scheme to the layouts and theme of your wedding. The printouts are given to all necessary members of the bridal party during the rehearsal and become a keepsake for the bride and groom.

For demonstration purposes only. As part of ALL our planning and coordinating services, you will receive printouts and/or smart device stills for each scene of your wedding or special event.


Don’t wait! Have the wedding of your dreams.
Book your FREE one-hour wedding consultation including:

- Start a tentative budget;
- Demonstrate how our Planning Genie® App can help you;
- Discuss logistics such as theme, time of year, size and location of the wedding.

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