Your Day

The Day of Your Event!

Special Event Genie® is always there making sure you have the best event possible. Here is a wedding day sample.

  1. Contact all vendors 2 months before the wedding to confirm their arrival.
  2. Design layouts/floor plans for the ceremony & reception using Planning Genie® software.
  3. Create time line and seating charts the everyone finds easy to follow.
  4. Instruct the catering staff (possibly in another language) how to set the tables.
  5. Repair of ripped seams, broken jewelry & shoe heel with our emergency kit.
  6. Set up all place cards, gift and guest book tables.
  7. Cut wicks of candles to proper length to make sure they light properly.
  8. Pin on boutonnieres.
  9. Show Planning Genie® layouts to wedding party at the rehearsal.
  10. Discuss last minute etiquette details with the officiant.
  11. Usher in guests to reception by guiding them to their tables.
  12. Make sure all vendors are paid.
  13. Be on hand if anyone had any questions (from staff & guests).
  14. Bustle bride’s dress.
  15. Work with other vendors in site, listened to their suggestions & ideas.
  16. Be on hand the entire day.
  17. And, generally make sure things run smoothly!

“Enjoy your special day!  Let Special Event Genie® do it all so you don’t have to.

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